Could there be a more dreadful incident than anticipating and foreseeing a possible loss of eyesight? I do not think so. Globally, a guesstimate of over two hundred and eighty million individuals is visually impaired out of which thirty nine million have become completely blind whilst the rest have a low vision. That apart, the […]


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. You can look into someone‚Äôs eyes and almost see their thoughts. You can, that is, if you are seeing clearly. Our eyesight is one of our greatest gifts from nature. The eye is a marvelous, miraculous invention. The perfect camera. It can focus immediately, tell […]


Normal eye-sight is not that common any more in the modern times. Statistics show an astounding 87% of the population in Hong Kong suffering from myopia and a staggering 70% of Americans being affected by various problems related to sight. Well, before we start blaming the usual suspects like television and computers for the onslaught, […]


It is nothing new for most of the people to have less than perfect vision which is known as 20/20 vision in medical science. Wearing glasses can help you achieve the perfect vision but they have their demerits like leaving blemishes over your nose. If you think of wearing contact lenses, there are also demerits. […]


Eyesight is one of the most crucial senses. Who does not want to literally see everything the world has? Who does not want to enjoy looking and seeing the beauty of nature? It obvious that no one would wish to be blind with no vision. It is saddening that nowadays people suffer from eye problems […]